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A SIMPLE BLOG OF A SIMPLE MAN including teaching, photography, independent film, writing, music, living in a foreign land, the HARD FACTS of life, and a sprinkle of tounge-in-cheek comedy.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


28 May 2005

"Mr. Simon Hilton"

The photographer in the picture shown below is a friend of mine, Simon Hilton from Australia. About five years ago he came to Tokyo, so his Japanese is terrific. He told me a amazing story about how he learned Japanese at the University in Australia. That is how popular Japanese is in Australia. He is very busy in Tokyo with photography, short movie acting/ writing/ producing/ directing/ and teaching English for his own private company. In fact he is one of my English teachers.

On May 17th he came to my studio to photograph and interview me for a article about my work. I'm not sure what he will use the article for maybe magazine, web site or even something else. Regardless of the use I am looking forward to it. When it is done I hope to be able to show you.

Mutual Respect!
Simon and me

28 May 2005


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