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Wednesday, June 08, 2005



by Simon Hilton

1. First, empty your browsers cache

2. Then, open VIREX (Apples third party virus software available for download if u have a MAC membership $99/ year) do an eUpdate first for new viruses and then scan & clean your HD (this takes quite a while with VIREX!)

3. If VIREX finds and cleans something then think about also getting INTERNET CLEANUP for MAC as it will check the HD for SPYWARE & ADWARE which although not technically viruses definitely slow down your computer, measureably!!

4. If none of this works your computer is CLEAN & SAFE so try these last methods to really SPEED UP SAFARI!

5. Download the FREE "SAFARI SPEED" software which will solve the page delay
(built in to Safari!) and the saving of icons (which slows down Safari over time).

*Go to safari prefences/ security/ show cookies & REMOVE all these little buggers to boost performance and speed up safari.

Last but not least, if u still have problems do this;

5. SAVE your BOOKMARKS to another browser (Firefox etc... or desktop) and RESET SAFARI from the menu. RESTART computer and see the difference!

*NOTE: if you reset safari you will lose your settings so write them down on paper so that you can input them again once SAFARI has been IMPROVED!
**DISCLAIMER: the author accepts no responsibility for anything that happens to your computer or mental health by following these TIPS (& thats all they are!).


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