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Saturday, October 01, 2005


One of those movies you saw in the eighties and will never, ever forget... Footloose as you should recall was based on the premise that dancing was immoral and therefore banned in the town that Kevin Bacon escapes to (in the film). A truly, freaky idea that could, god forbid, never happen in the real world (non-cinematic).

But hang on to your horses revellers, this did actually happen in the real world! In a little place called NEW YORK or THE BIG APPLE as it is affectionately known by its inhabitants. Who would do such a thing (you may ask) well I'm here to tell you that none other than the once mayor of NY himself. Yes that's rights troops, good old Mayor Guiliani (the heralded saviour of this nasty town) decided it would be a splendid idea to bring back a law that should have been forever lost in the sea of stupidity.

Now the fact that this law has actually been around for some time in the land of opportunity, freaked me out a little (i must declare). So if you'd like to read a little more about this and perhaps devise your own law to rid the world of fun then check out the links below... Rock on!




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