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Monday, August 15, 2005

Night Walker + MRA Trailer!

Well, troops I am happy to declare the film Night Walker has officially commenced with the opening meeting that was held last night in Akabane (Tokyo). This meeting was a General Information Night where the basic ideas and pre-production work for the movie were explained and discussed to some extent. The meeting was a long one around 2 hours and we had 8 people in attendance (thank you all for taking the time!). The outline to the meeting (what was talked about) can be seen here (below this text) and generally I thought the meeting went rather well and was well prepared with a number handouts given to the crew and cast. The next meeting will be on the 21st (Sun) of August @ 6pm (location to be advised but central tokyo, this time!). This will be the first brainstorming session for the movie so I would appreciate a good attendance (remember 24 hours notice if you can't attend, PLEASE!).

Amyway, we all had a little surprise at the end of the meeting because we were all lucky enough to see the long awaited MRA TRAILER! Follow this link (cut and paste into browser) and you too can see what a bunch of movie geeks can do in their spare time!


Have fun and as always watch out for the cookie monster!

NIGHT WALKER: General Info Night
First Meeting: AGENDA
Date: Sunday, 14th August
Time: 5pm to 7pm (Jinpachi, Akabane)

1. Welcome and Introduction (handout agenda)
Time: 10 mins (for crew intros and reading of treatment).

2. Handout NW Treatment (English & Japanese)
Time: 10 mins (for reading and basic questions)

3. Background to NW and Basic Story
Time: 15 mins (explanation and discussion)
*The original Night Walker (2004)
*The basic idea (the dream/ childhood memories/ relationship with parents)
*The basic theme (fear! And how we cope with it)
*The basic message (What if we had no fear?)
*The structure (5 timelines)

4. Pre-Production (done or, in the process)
Time: 15 mins
*When did it start? (2004/ July 2005)
*Location scouting & checklists
*Location agreement (Rickey’s Bar)
*Website: http//nightwalker2005.blogspot.com/
*The Ring Cam Production (design handout)
*Story Outline, Working Script (1st draft) & Time Lines
*Crew and Actor recruiting (Film Marmalade)
*Responses (around ten people including some professionals)

5. Pre-Production Schedule (attendance)
Time: 5 mins
*handout amended PP Schedule
*Note in calendar (make at least 1 and the final, if possible)
*RSVP Deadline (24 hours before the intended meeting)

6. Story Breifing (update)
Time: 15mins
*Time Lines (handout)
*Potential crew and actors (photos/ resumes/ correspondence etc…)
*Character brief (profiles)

7. Tech Briefing (experimental)
Time: 5mins
*Voice Overs (enhance NW voice/ possible voice actor)
*CG and post production (Jason/ Rob and Myself)

8. Final Q&A (free for all)
Time: 20 mins
*The first brainstorming session will be on the 21st August @ 6pm

Thank you all for attending (kore kara yoroshiku onegaishimasu).

7pm: Adjourn meeting

The End


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