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Thursday, October 13, 2005


I'm on a roll now and u know what they say... strike while the iron's hot! Well, I'm bout to strike out with my new rant and brave column "SIC OF THE WEEK!!" (believe me it deserves 2 !!). Recently, i have had to enforce the "WORD VERIFICATION" option on blogger which means that anyone who wants to leave a comment on my blog has to first, type in a random computer generated word in order to do so.

Why? Simply because of these nasty little critters who think that it's their god given right to dirty up my pristine blog with TRASH ADVERTISEMENTS that offer me the chance to purchase anything from hard core porn to kitchenware on interest free credit! I hope that this first step in defence eliminates the pests and eradicates them for life so that i do not have to waste any more of my precious time waging warfare against an unknown and unworthy menace to society...

Here is some examples of the crap that they automatically deliver to my blog:

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I apologise in advance for the nusiance that this may cause all of the worthy participants (commentors) of this blog but sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do. Oh yeh, and if you twits are reading this... you suck, big time! I have had enough of your spam and you are the sole impetus for this column... YOU MAKE ME SICK!! Blahhh...



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