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A SIMPLE BLOG OF A SIMPLE MAN including teaching, photography, independent film, writing, music, living in a foreign land, the HARD FACTS of life, and a sprinkle of tounge-in-cheek comedy.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


As most of you should know already, I am busy, busy, busy directing my first short film "Night Walker" and all of my time is and has been, dedicated to the pursuit of this goal. So if you have come back to this site recently, dissapointed by the lack of continuity, then you should get with the program and click on the title to check out the Night Walker site...


Life is just one big movie... roll camera... action!


Blogger Kaori said...

Night Walker is getting chilly walker as the weather gets to the hard-core winter..

Mon Dec 19, 06:53:00 PM


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