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Monday, March 20, 2006


Well, let me first welcome myself back to the FOCUS BLOG that I set up just over 1 year ago and continued to post my stories, photography, film experiences rants and raves not to mention various links to up until about 3 months ago. Why has there been such a hiatus you might ask... Well to be honest, just no TIME to post due to trying to run my own business (FOCUS ENGLISH) and Directing my own movie (NIGHT WALKER) over the 2005/ 2006.

Anyway, enough of the excuses and I'm here to say that I am back and ready to bring you what you desire... the NEWS about me, you and the world at large! Being an expatriate living overseas (Tokyo, Japan) I find myself often wondering about my motherland (Australia) and its current events or lack thereof. Ironically, in this day and age, reliable news (especially in the form of video) is hard to find and a quick podcast or more relevantly, video casts in Itunes will tell you this.

I have been trying to find a reliable video cast of AUSTRALIAN NEWS for over three months but so far the best I could do was the MACQUARIE NATIONAL NEWS with ZOE ARNOLD who I remembered reading the news on triple J when I was at Uni some 7 years ago (WOW! time is moving by quickly). Now while I have no problem looking at ZOE reading the news, the lack of substance and time (usually a few minutes or under) doesn't really do it for me. So here is what I plan to do... KEEP LOOKING and call out to my fellow AUSSIES to help me find RELIABLE VIDEO NEWS ONLINE.

If you have any ideas or knowledge on this topic then please place a comment and relevant link at the bottom of this post so that I can get some satisfaction and share it with others in a similar circumstance. PLEASE!!!

Recently, while listening to my faithful triple j (who do have an online radio stream - thank GOD!) I came across a gem from the past... ABC'S FOUR CORNERS. For those of you who don't know or have simply forgotten (like me) this CURRENT AFFAIRS PROGRAM (like much of the ABC format) is INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM at its BEST!

Here is the link to there website: http://abc.net.au/

Their FOUR CORNERS website and online video streaming is SUPERB and utilizes FLASH 8 to bring you some AMAZING ONLINE STORIES in full screen mode and tons of INTERVIEWS that will keep you UP TO DATE on the key stories back in OZ.

Here is the link to there website: http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/

One of the stories I recently watched here was "SUPERMAX" an in-depth look at the AUSTRALIAN PRISON SYSTEM and I recommend it totally, check here:


OK, that's it for now as I must go and add a NEW SECTION to the LINKS on this BLOG:

Peace and may the you find what you are looking for...


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