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A SIMPLE BLOG OF A SIMPLE MAN including teaching, photography, independent film, writing, music, living in a foreign land, the HARD FACTS of life, and a sprinkle of tounge-in-cheek comedy.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


If, like me, you have been the new Safari 2 (i use 2.0.4) then you would have no doubt come across this little (?) annoying and frustrating irony! Quicktime won't play in Safari (they are both Apple applications...) so when you navigate to a website like this one (the focus blog) you will see Quick time ????? everywhere instead of the Quicktime visual (ie. movie etc...).

Well I am HAPPY to say that I have found a CURE for this niggling disease and it is as follows:

1. Go to your library folder and open (double click) the internet plugin folder
2. Next, find the two files named: "Quicktime Plugin.plugin" and "QuickTime Plugin.webplugin"
3. Drag the two files to your desktop (don't delete or trash yet!)
4. Quit and restart Safari (the Quicktime killer!)
5. Go back to the page where Safari killed the Quicktime file ??? (ie. the focus blog)
6. And wallah!!! There it is again... Quicktime in all its glory, back form the dead!

*Note: feel free to comment or thank me if advice this helped you and click on "Report bugs to Apple" and describe this annoyance in full colour so that others won't have to do this in the future!

Happy MacKing and let's Safari...

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Eriko Sato
Originally uploaded by Bikini Idolater.

Eriko Sato (the star of 'Cutie Honey' an anime girl power film) has to be my all time favourite Japanese Model. She has a rare, natural talent; A perfect body and a perfect face... you go gal!

If you want a closer look at what I mean then click on the top photo now!
Enjoy the wonders of nature...

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