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Monday, June 20, 2005


(An Ode To The Man In The Park)

When you look at me
you see what you don't want to see
what you can't be, mustn't be
What is is that you try to be?
Is it what you really want to be?
When you look at me
you see what is not good in me
but why do you judge the likes of me
if you can't yet really see?
I am and will always be
a part of thee...
When you look at me
You can't but help realise, the pain in me
a reflection of yourself, which will never be.
Yet, without a doubt, the compassion comes out in thee
and you feel yourself beginning to understand me.
When you look at me
you wonder if I'll ever be
able to return to thee
and live amongst the so called wealthy,
that causes you to judge me
and live a life so needy.
When you look at me
what is it that you really see?
One that is more needy and separate from thee,
or one that has the right to be?
Regardless of my necessity
when you look at me, wake up and see what I see...
Poetry written by: Simon Dean Hilton (cc 2005)


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