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Monday, June 20, 2005


You Are and Will Always Be
(An Ode to Rio)

Like energy, unharnessed
Like a black diamond, unfound
Like rare music, unheard
Like glamour, unaccompanied
Like the most beautiful flower, not yet picked
You are and will always be...

Like a woman, unadulterated
Like an army, unarmed
Like a child, unassuming
Like a chance, unawares
Like some kind of pleasure, not yet felt
You are and will always be...

Like a needed experience, unavoidable
Like treasure, unseen
Like a love, unbalanced
Like some knowledge, unbeknown
Like a friend, not yet gone
You are and will always be...

Like life, unbelievable
Like potential, unbounded
Like a powerful horse, unbridled
Like a self, unburdened
Like a necessity, not yet called for
You are and will always be...

Like a carnival, in my mind.
Poetry written by: Simon Dean Hilton (2005)


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