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Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Well, MRA is now well and truly into post-production and last Sunday I had the pleasure of viewing some of the edited cuts and surprisingly enough, it was pretty damn funny (had the room in stitches!). It was cool to see that the comedy has come thru and that the idea has come to fruition for all those who were involved (good work JR and Rob especially!) but respect goes out to all those who gave up their time to make this film a reality!

Anyway, I thought should expand on the previous cryptic message that I posted (was inebriated at the time) about the current film project titled: "UNSTOPPABLE!". This is the current film that I am acting in as a police officer who has been suspended from duty, loves guns and is part of the SWAT team (when he is not being suspended!). The film's message which is about the unstoppable nature of violence, once it has begun; is portrayed with weapons, violence, Yakuza clones and a gun loving SWAT Police member who tries to save himself from absolute destruction as best he can.


The film will be less than 10mins and will be shot over 2 days in the city of Tokyo. Day 1 has already been completed and this Sunday will see the completion of filming at the Director's (Jason Koo) apartment. The film is technically tricky (to say the least) and will involve compositing and CG in the editing phase. The director and I have already worked on 2 other films together and this makes our third film in collaboration. He has a great ability to direct these types of films and is technically sound with a great amount of knowledge from which I am learning a great deal!


I only hope that I can do him and the film justice, as I am still really learning how to act without speaking (face & body acting is challenging). This film involves no dialogue and is therefore difficult, at times, to express the feeling and nature of the situation.


Stay tuned for more updates... by the way going SURFING this morning at 3am near CHIBA in TOKYO (there is a TYPHOON coming which means BIG SURF!) so this may be my last post to you all (its been real!).



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